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Oud Wonder - Eau de Parfum - By Fragrance World - Perfume For Men, 80ml

Oud Wonder - Eau de Parfum - By Fragrance World - Perfume For Men, 80ml

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Introducing Oud Wonder, a luxurious fragrance that epitomizes the rich and captivating essence of oud wood. This woody oriental scent boasts a complex profile, exuding warmth and smoky undertones.

Crafted with a blend of valuable rosewood, Sichuan pepper for a spicy touch, and sophisticated agarwood (oud), this perfume exudes sensuality, spice, and refinement. Notes of cardamom, vanilla, vetiver, tonka bean, and amber further enrich the composition, creating a harmonious and opulent olfactory experience.

Presented in an 80ml/2.7 fl oz bottle, Oud Wonder is a unisex perfume suitable for both men and women, making it an ideal gift choice for men who appreciate the allure of luxury fragrances.

Unveiling a symphony of unusual and captivating woody shades, this fragrance remains original and dynamic, ensuring a captivating journey with every wear. Each rare ingredient in this composition unveils its unique character, offering an ever-evolving and enchanting aromatic experience that never ceases to fascinate. Experience the allure of Oud Wonder—a fragrance that embodies sophistication and uniqueness in every note.
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